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Need to Sell Your House FAST? 
Sell Your House Fast the simple way to a trusted Home Buyer.

 We are a real estate firm with over 10 years of experience. Our representatives have helped hundreds of families sell their homes. We have worked with many homeowners who have found themselves in many different situations and we have been able to solve their unique problems.

We take into account all of the information you have provided: your asking price, your situation, and the fair market value of your home as is, and make a data-driven decision to see if your property qualifies for a cash offer. If your property does not qualify for a cash offer, or if a cash offer is not for you, don’t worry! We do have multiple solutions for helping people sell their house

We Buy Houses

Any Condition 

Any Situation 

Any Challenge 

We Buy House In the Following States

Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Florida, Georgia and More

We Will Pay Cash For Your House!
Close On your Time Line!
You Pay No Commissions!

We Pay All Closing Fees!
Sell your House as is!
No Repairs are needed!

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Our Mission

Affordable housing seems like a dream that gets further from reach with each passing year. Yet time marches on; people get married, get a pet, have kids. But starter homes are no longer going for starter prices. Couple this with student loans and wage stagnation, and the problem seems insurmountable. This has led to a high increase in those same couples choosing to rent a single family home wherever they can find one, often farther from work and perhaps missing the things they really want in a place they’ll call home. 

This is where Inti comes in! Instead of building new homes (which runs about $350,000 all costs included at the National average) we renovate old homes in disrepair that have good bones, but may be too big of a project for any one person or family to take on. Using a fraction of the materials and local tradesmen, we help breathe life back into houses and bring affordable rental homes to neighborhoods that may have seemed impossible to purchase in. 


The Inti goal? Creating affordable rental houses that we ourselves would be proud to call home, and helping our neighbors in the process. 

How it Works

How It Works 

Our goal is Simple!

To buy your house in a fast, hassle-free way or help you sell it without any headaches creating a WIN-WIN situation for both parties

Get in touch with us

Our qualified staff member will guide you through the whole process from start to finish. A home-buying specialist will be assigned to you and will be your helping hand as we assess your property and see if you qualify for a cash offer. Typical cash closing takes 10-30 days from start to finish. We can assure you we will help you get to the finish line in an organized streamlined manner.

Our 5 Step Process

#1 Contact Us

You can either Call us or submit your information below or by clicking get your "Cash Offer Today"

#2 Lets Talk

Tell us about your property. Provide us with a few details about the house. 

#3 Accept Offer

We'll present you with a simple fair written offer. Meaning no surprises, no obligation cash offer for your home

#4 Accept Agreement 

Select when you are ready to move and walk away with cash. You get to pick your closing date. We can close as soon as 10 days 

#5 Close & Get Paid

Once you accept, you will close with a professional and reputable Title Company. Our team will also make sure to make this the easiest real estate transaction you have ever had.

Why Sell To US

Selling to Inti Real Estate
Selling the Traditional Way
Sell Your House Fast
Sell Your House as Is
Flexible Closing Date
No Out of Pocket Repairs
No Bank Appraisal
Flexible Closing Date
Offer in Less Than 24 Hours
Fees: No Closings Costs
Fees: No Commissions

When to accept a cash offer:

The best time to accept a cash offer is if you do not want to do any repairs yourself, you're short on time due to some type of situation or just want a fast experience. Since it's a cash transaction there are no financial contingencies; this means there will be no appraisals done by the bank on your property that could potentially deny the financing from your buyer. This is the simplest way to sell a house.

When to List with an Agent:

If this is the route for you we can refer you to a top real estate agent in the area. The best time to list your property with an agent is when you have the time and money to go the traditional route of selling your house. If your property has recently been fully renovated, it’s most likely ideal to list it with an agent. The pros are that you will get the highest exposure to your property as it will be seen by hundreds of buyers. 

Creative Solution Offer

If neither a Real Estate agent nor Cash Offer solves your problems we will help you find a way to creatively solve those issues. This usually takes some more time for the buyer to put together while it also takes a seller to be open-minded.

Ready To Sell ?

We buy houses every day, nationwide. We can buy houses that no one else will. Our decades of experience allows us to be hyper-efficient and complete transactions others just can’t, while putting more money in your hand.

We Buy In The Following States: OH, KY, IN, GA, FL & More

Any Reason, Any Condition, Any Challenge!

Offer to exchange house for cash money between agent and user.jpg
Any Reason
Any Condition
Any Challenge
Need Cash Now
Ugly Homes
Low Equity
Full of Stuff or Trash
Out of Area Property
Code Violations
Association Problems
Past Due Taxes/Dues
Major Repairs Needed
Title Concerns (Clouds)
Bug Infestations
Outdated and Ugly Homes
Fire or Storm Damaged
Code Violations
Problem Tenants
Unwanted Inherited Home
Beautiful Houses
Association Issues
And Many More
And Many More
And Many More


Here are some people who we were able to help out

Glad I picked up the phone when they called! They Stopped the sheriff's sale and bought my property and I  still walked away with some money in my pocket.

Franco Cesti, OH

I inherited a property I did not want. The buy rep walked us through the probate process and even paid for all the fees. They made the process feel easier than it really is. After probate the transaction of the sale was easy quick and hassle free.

Lisa Driver, KY

I had no equity in my home at all so I  did not qualify for a cash offer. If I listed it with an agent I  would have to pay out of pocket to sell my property. Inti's Manager came up with a creative way to buy my home by taking over my mortgage payments so I  didn't have to deal with the property any more.

Nick Mason, IN

We qualified for a cash offer and they made the process hassle-free. Their offer was fair due to the condition of my property. We did not have to pay any fees or closing costs. The process took 2 weeks from signing the contract to closing. 

Tina Espinoza, GA

Contact Us Today To Get Your Free No Obligation Cash Offer

Contact Us

Thanks For submitting. A Inti Real Estate Associate will contact you shortly


How fast do you make an offer?

Once you submit your information our platform assists us in quickly analyzing your property and immediately making you the highest and fairest offer.

How Fast Can I Get Cash To My Bank?

This typically all depends on you, the seller. If after hearing our offer, you are ready to sell your home – we can sometimes fund right away.

How Much Will I Get For Selling My Home?

There are a number of factors that will influence the offer, such as your selling timescale, the potential market value of the home and the current condition of the property.

How do you calculate the offers?

Our team of experts use both public records and data aggregate services not available to the general public to provide the absolute best cash offer on the market. This unique method allows our team to provide prompt and transparent quotes while also leveraging our years of experience tackling the most difficult of buying situations.

Do you literally pay me in "cash"?

Payment is made through an Attorney or Title Company. Most consumers prefer the direct wire into their bank account or certified funds check. It’s simple, it’s fast and you get paid – instantly.

How does the process work?

It’s really simple. We do all the hard work and heavy lifting. Once you fill out a form on our website or give us a call our team will make you an offer on the property. We would sign an agreement, paperwork is submitted to a title company which we will provide you with contact info. We will guide you through every step of the closing process and make sure you get paid

Can I fire my agent and you can buy my house?

Our job is to not interfere with your traditional real estate agent that isn’t performing the way you want. Should you desire to terminate your agreement with them and hire us to instantly purchase your home, simply let us know. We are confident you will be impressed and relieved by doing business with our office and avoiding all the perils of a traditional and slow real estate agent transaction.
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